Introducing our Finance Partners - Classic & Sports Finance​

The purchase of any Aston Martin can be a major capital outlay where clear thinking and a good buying strategy is important. Raising the necessary funds rarely comes at the right time and often influences the decision to buy or not when a car of interest or rarity comes to market.

Levering against your home with a mortgage extension or drawing a dividend from your business can be a time consuming and often expensive way of raising the funds. There has always been a much easier route to buying a high value motorcar with our funding partner Classic & Sports Finance who, following twenty-five years of activity in the sector, can provide innovative personal finance plans. Using a diversity of options, they will work with you personally to provide the most cost effective and suitable method of finance suited to your circumstance and needs.

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Introducing our Finance Partners - Classic & Sports Finance
V8 Coupe

Finance Case study 

As an example of the innovative approach of our partner, the 1998 V8 Coupe in Rolls Royce Midnight Blue, on our stock list, can be purchased from £457 per month*. 

A great entry level car into the world of Aston Martin at a manageable, second car, monthly amount. With residual values continuing to be solid, competitive and bespoke payment plans can be modelled around your circumstances and immediate needs. To discuss any thoughts or requirements, our partners are available to assist where they can and offer the most suitable advice.

* Purchase price £99,950, deposit of £49,975 (50%), balance to finance of £49,975. 24 payments of £457.01 with 1 final payment of £49,975. Interest only repayment facility.

 Interest payable £10,968.24. Documentation fee of £180 on the first and last payment. Total amount payable £111,278.24 Subject to status and finance house underwriting.

 Regulated Hire Purchase calculated at 11.3% APR fixed for the term.

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