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Independent Aston Martin Servicing

At our state-of-the-art workshop facilities in Essendonbury Farm in Hertfordshire our Aston Martin Service and Aftercare Department is fully equipped to provide all aspects of Aston Martin Car Servicing and maintenance for all Aston Martin models. All Car servicing is carried out according to the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines. Our experienced Technicians and After Care Team are dedicated to providing the very best in servicing, maintenance, and aftersales support for your vehicle, thereby helping it to stay running at its very best for longer.

As an Independent Aston Martin Specialist with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on offering a high-quality customer experience for customers. Our Specialist Workshop has the latest equipment and specialist tooling for both Classic Heritage Models and Gaydon New Era Cars to cater for all Aston Martin Models. Our knowledgeable car mechanics experience and expertise at our award-winning premises will provide you peace of mind that your car is in safe hands with our Service and Aftercare Team at Nicholas Mee and Company.

Aston Martin Service Heritage Car Workshop at Nicholas Mee
Aston Martin Service New Era Car Workshop at Nicholas Mee
Aston Martin Service and Aftercare Office at Nicholas Mee

Fixed Price Aston Martin Service


Our Fixed Price Servicing adheres to Aston Martin's approved servicing schedule. This schedule is designed to ensure that both classic and new era models are maintained to perform at their best for longer. Our Fixed Price Servicing Schedule is designed to provide clarity on pricing and offer excellent value for money when servicing your Aston Martin with Nicholas Mee. Our Servicing schedule offers a wide variety of Yearly Car Service options from a Full Service to a smaller Interim Service with services catering to the cars type, age, mileage, and usage. Our skilled technician’s expertise and experience will ensure your yearly routine checks and vehicle inspections offer peace of mind and confidence your car is being well cared for.

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Aston Martin Technician conducting a car service on Heritage era Aston Martin Cars
Inspecting the engine on an Aston Martin V8 Zagato in our Heritage workshop at Nicholas Mee & Company
Our Service and Aftercare Department only use Original Manufacturer Parts

We only use Original Engine Manufacturer Parts (OEM)​ for Servicing

At Nicholas Mee and Company where possible we only ever use Genuine original engine manufacturer parts (OEM) as these parts offer the highest quality and longevity for our clients Aston Martin Car. By using these high-quality components genuine OEM Parts, we ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition, providing you with peace of mind and the knowledge that your car is being serviced with the best parts available.

Our Car Services only use Original Manufacturer Parts
An Aston Martin Car Interior refurbishment by Nicholas Mee
Our Service and Aftercare Team ensure only high quality car parts are used in a car service.

Car Collection Service

Our Service and After Care Team understand that booking your car in for its routine service can be challenging and time consuming and we have a dedicated Transport Driver with our Enclosed Single Car Trailer that is able to offer a flexible collection and return service across the UK for customers who cannot travel or wish for their Aston Martin to be collected and returned for convenience. If you would like more information about this our dedicated Service and After Care Team are happy to help and discuss your specific needs further.

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Nicholas Mee offer a Car Collection and drop off for Car Servicing
Our Enclosed Car Transporter is perfect solution for Classic Cars in need of a Service
A car being collected for a Car Service by Nicholas Mee

Servicing for Heritage and Classic Aston Martin Cars

Within our Sales and Aftercare Team we have a passionate and experienced team of Technicians who are highly skilled working with Classic Aston Martin Heritage Models from the Feltham and David Brown eras such as classics like the DB2, DB4, DB5, DB6, The V8 range and DB7. 

Within our vast experience and knowledge our team are able to provide a range of servicing in accordance with Manufacturers recommendations and guidelines and offer diagnostics and advise in helping to maintain your prized Classic Car.

A Heritage Aston Martin V8 being serviced in our Workshop
A Car Service on a Heritage Aston Martin Car
Car Servicing in our Heritage Workshop at Nicholas Mee

Servicing for Gaydon New Era Aston Martin Cars​

Our workshop is equipped with specialist tooling and equipment necessary for servicing New Era Gaydon Models from the DB9 and Vantage Models to Vanquish and Rapide. Our experienced team boasts a wealth of knowledge and skills specific to working with these modern models. We are dedicated to maintaining the performance and longevity of your New Era Aston Martin, so you can continue to enjoy the thrilling driving experience it provides.

A New Era Model Aston Martin being Serviced by Nicholas Mee
Some cars being serviced in our New Era Workshop at Nicholas Mee
A Car interior inspection on an Aston Martin DB9

Car Servicing for other Car Models​

Whilst we are widely recognised for our service and maintenance experience with Aston Martin, we do on regular occasion provide all aspects of service for vehicles of other marques. If you have any requirements that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Service and Aftercare team.

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To book a Car Service with Nicholas Mee and Company, simply contact us below via email or phone call and one of our dedicated After Care Service Advisors will be in touch to discuss your requirements and offer advise and support and identify a suitable time to book your car in with Nicholas Mee.

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