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For peace of mind motoring, our extensive Aston Martin Warranty programme covers all mechanical and electrical failures on all Aston Martin models
Aston Martin Warranty Cover

Aston Martin Warranty Cover Protection

At Nicholas Mee, our dedicated Service and Aftercare Department takes pride in presenting Aston Martin owners with our comprehensive Aston Martin Warranty Cover. This exclusive coverage safeguards against mechanical and electrical failures across all Aston Martin models, providing owners with the assurance and confidence that they are shielded from any unexpected issues that may arise throughout the warranty period. Experience peace of mind knowing that your Aston Martin is backed by our reliable Aston Martin Warranty Cover.

About our Extended Aston Martin Warranty Protection

With over 30 years of expertise in the Aston Martin marque, Nicholas Mee and Company stand as an independent Aston Martin Specialist. Our seasoned Service and Aftercare team comprises highly respected and knowledgeable professionals in the industry, dedicated to assisting Aston Martin owners across Classic Heritage cars to the latest New Era models, ensuring your Aston Martin remains in peak condition.

Our Comprehensive Aston Martin Warranty Cover is meticulously crafted to shield owners from unexpected mechanical and electrical faults or breakdowns. This exclusive coverage offers peace of mind, assuring Aston Martin enthusiasts that their cherished vehicles are in capable hands, mitigating the risk of sudden and costly repair bills.

At Nicholas Mee we offer two types of extended warranty:

  • Modern Cars – Less than twenty years old
  • Classic Cars – Over twenty years old

Our packages and cover extend to 12 and 24 month agreements with repairs and parts replacement covered within the Aston Martin Warranty Cover. Offering peace of mind and value for money with protection in the event of an unplanned breakdown or expensive repair bill.

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Extended warranty features

Benefit from the following features when investing in Aston Martin Warranty Cover

Bumper to Bumper Electrical and Mechanical Failure warranty cover

Comprehensive cover ensures that both mechanical and electrical failures are covered in full.

Parts and labour included

Genuine manufacturer parts and labour are included within the conditions of the warranty. 

Simple, easy to understand terms and conditions

Less jargon ensures easier to understand terms, with our experts on hand to answer any queries.

Competitive policy pricing

Value for money is assured thanks to the competitive pricing policy that is in place. 

List of approved Aston Martin repairers

We can provide a list of approved Aston Martin repairers if you experience issues away from home.

Aston Martin genuine parts

Genuine Aston Martin parts are used when making repairs, guaranteeing quality and compatibility.

Unlimited claims

There’s no limit to the number of claims you can make through the warranty.

Highest standards of customer service

We take pride in ensuring we’ll go the extra mile to help you enjoy the best experience possible.


    Bumper to Bumper Electrical and Mechanical Failure warranty cover Our comprehensive cover includes not just mechanical failure, but electrical failure too, so whatever the issue, we can help.
    Parts and labour included All parts and labour are included in the warranty, so there are no surprise costs when you come to collect your vehicle.
    Simple, easy to understand, terms and conditions We’ve cut the jargon so you can understand the warranty terms and conditions with ease. And if you need clarification, simply give one of our experts a call.
    Competitive policy pricing Thanks to our competitive pricing, you’ll enjoy the very best value for money.
      List of approved Aston Martin repairers Our list of approved Aston Martin repairers means there’s no need to compromise if you experience issues away from home.
      Aston Martin genuine parts Our technicians always use genuine Aston Martin parts when making repairs, so you can be sure of each item’s quality and compatibility with your specific model.
      Unlimited claims We want you to enjoy faultless performance mile after mile, so there’s no limit on the number of claims you can make.
      Highest standards of customer service When you contact us, you’ll speak to a specialist from our dealership, not a call centre agent.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Learn more about the extended warranties from Nicholas Mee below. 

      What is an extended warranty?


      Extended warranty is added cover for any repairs or mechanical issues that your Aston Martin experiences. 

      How do I make a claim?


      Get in touch with a member of the team at Nicholas Mee in order to discuss the process of making a claim. We’ll be happy to handle everything on your behalf. 

      How do I change my details?


      If you need to change your details for any reason, please contact a member of our team and we will be able to assist.

      Nicholas Mee Warranty provides peace of mind for car owners
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