Classic & Sports Finance are the UK’s premier funder of classic car and race cars, with over £100 million of finance arranged for collectors and enthusiasts since 1999 through our panel of private banks and specialist lenders. With over 50 years of experience in the industry our team have sourced and financed some of the world’s rarest automobiles including the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO and Jaguar D-Type for some of the world’s most prominent collectors. We are known across the classic car industry for offering excellent service and sound advice to both buyers and dealers as well as providing the latest market analysis and commentary to the media. Finance for the real enthusiast...
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We at Nicholas Mee work alongside Classic and Sports Finance in order to provide you with affordable, long-term financing that will help you secure the vehicle of your choice.

​Classic and Sports Finance

As one of the UK’s leading providers of classic and race car finance, Classic and Sports Finance has been supporting motorists since 1999 via a selection of private banks and lending specialists. As such, some of the automotive industry’s most revered and rare models have been purchased by our clients, ranging from the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO to the Jaguar D-Type. With a reputation for offering incredible service, you can be confident of investing in the ideal model from NIcholas Mee today for the best price.


Our classic car knowledge and industry experience has enabled us to form lasting relationships with some of the biggest dealers and auction houses around. We can therefore provide long-term classic car finance with realistic deposits and balloon payments. What’s more, if you wish to raise capital against a model or collection you already have, we can help you.  


In addition to classic models, our financing packages can be tailored to support the investment of brand-new models. There are no age restrictions for the majority of vehicles, and purchase plans can be tailored according to specific demands, meaning realistic deposits and flexible terms. 


The prevalence of on-track insurance for those engaging in race or rally cars is fully covered by the Classic and Sports Finance lineup of products. Simple financing solutions are affordable and will enable you to use capital throughout the season, while there is also the opportunity to finance race transporters and motor homes if required.


Vintage cars represent those constructed between 1919 and 1930. As a result, the sector is only small but encompasses a variety of historically significant models. The value of such vehicles is, as you might expect, of great worth, meaning you need to be able to access suitable financing plans to help invest. Classic and Sports Finance will be able to help tailor plans to suit you. 


Reviews you can trust

Classic and Sports Finance has helped provide more than £100 million in finance and equity release for motorists since 1999, and works with some of the leading private banks and specialist lenders to support your purchase. You can learn more about others’ past experiences by browsing the latest reviews today.

20+ years of market intelligence at Classic & Sports Finance

As the UK’s leading intermediary in classic and race car financing, Classic and Sports Finance has been providing first-class support to luxury motoring enthusiasts since 1999. The team understands that investing in a classic vehicle is far from straightforward and costly, which is why their experienced experts will guide you through the entire process.

Regardless of whether this is your first classic car purchase or the latest in a long line, Classic and Sports Finance will work alongside you to understand your needs and situation. They will then be able to help identify the ideal lending solution.

Funding for any purchase comes from some of the leading private banking and lending organisations in the UK, meaning complete peace of mind.

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