Classic & Sports Finance are the UK’s premier funder of classic car and race cars, with over £100 million of finance arranged for collectors and enthusiasts since 1999 through our panel of private banks and specialist lenders. With over 50 years of experience in the industry our team have sourced and financed some of the world’s rarest automobiles including the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO and Jaguar D-Type for some of the world’s most prominent collectors. We are known across the classic car industry for offering excellent service and sound advice to both buyers and dealers as well as providing the latest market analysis and commentary to the media. Finance for the real enthusiast...
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At Classic & Sports Finance

our expertise and enthusiasm is our culture.

We are the UK’s leading specialist intermediary in classic and race car finance and loans, based in the heart of Motorsport Valley & offering expert advice and great service to car enthusiasts for over 15 years. Buying and financing a classic car can be complicated – we make it simple and guide you through the process every step of the way whether you are a classic car collector or a first time buyer.

To ensure we make the process as seamless as possible, we work closely with you to fully understand your requirements. Our extensive knowledge of all aspects of the classic car finance markets ensure we provide the correct loan facility for the right car.

Working directly with the private banking sector and the UK’s top specialist car dealers and auction houses, we provide the very latest classic market information and finance products – meaning that what you are offered is the very best that is available. Our products are the smart alternative to a cash purchase.