Watch our Latest Talking Heads 2023 Video - Discussing the world of classic cars and Aston Martin

​Our Latest Talking Heads Video discusses the world of Aston Martin with Steve, Nick & Neal joined by Publisher of Magento Magazine David Lillywhite & Hagerty's Dan Cogger.

Talking Heads 2023 Aston Martin Market Review
Talking Heads 2023 Aston Martin Market Review

Reflecting on a busy 2023 in the world of Aston Martin

​This year has been another action-packed one for all of us, so we’re returning to our regular Talking Heads format discussing the world of classic cars, Astons in particular, with Nick and Neal joined by two knowledgeable and well-known members of the classic car community: author and publisher of Magneto magazine, event organiser and classic car champion David Lillywhite, together with coming man Dan Cogger. Dan is a key member of US insurance giant Hagerty’s UK team and is fresh from receiving the ‘Rising Star’ award from an international panel of judges at last month’s 2023 Historic Motoring Awards. Steve Wakefield, Aston Martin enthusiast and market commentator, was once again in the chair.

It proved to be a lively discussion that covered classic car events – our favourites, ones we missed, others to do in 2024 – through to the current state of the classic car market (Astons in particular), our ‘dream garages’, F1 and other matters of the moment.

Topics discussed in our latest video

The conversation flowed at Essendonbury Farm and subjects discussed included:

1. Nicholas Mee & Co at 30 – the year so far

2. Reflecting on current trading during a period of higher interest rates.

3. Which models attract the most attention right now?

4. Auction results can be misleading. Is there now a two-tier market?

5. And for David and Dan?

  • What’s happening at David’s company Hothouse Media, where has he travelled this year and talking about his latest book, The Concours Year.
  • Dan’s been getting out and about with Hagerty, the USA’s largest classic car insurer in the UK and Eurozone. He tells us what he’s been up to in a non-stop 12 months. Aston Martin and F1

6. How do we feel about Aston Martin in F1?

  • Has the Netflix series Drive to Survive changed the mainstream audience’s attitude to Grand Prix racing?
  • How about Fernando in a ’90s V600? The Gaydon factory
  • The panel’s opinion on the current range from Gaydon including the Valour, and the company 2024 return to the big league at Le Mans with the Valkyrie.

David Lillywhite
Dan Cogger

7. The value buy? 2001-2007 Vanquish

  • A dive into the first-generation Vanquish
  • What’s the future for these low-volume Bond cars?

8. HCVA. The Historic & Classic Vehicle Alliance

  • The HCVA represents our community in the highest circles.
  • Nick has the inside line on what it does and how all car lovers need to hear about it and support its activities.

9. Events

  • Who’s been where this year
  • What’s new for 2024 and much more…
  • Between them, the panel have been to most of the best events
  • As this scene has really taken off in recent times, which ones are the must-dos?
  • From Savile Row to St Moritz, Monterey to Monaco for the Historics, here are our tips.

10. Two-car dream garage

  • It’s a game we all like to play: ‘fantasy two-car garage’
  • There are one or two surprises here, and some old favourites, iconic Astons from times past. As usual, it’s all very entertaining.

Looking back at our last Talking Heads video in 2022

​In 2022 we closed the year with a special one-to-one interview with Nick, who reflected on a lifetime immersed in all things Aston Martin and looked forward to 2023, the year in which his own company, Nicholas Mee & Co, celebrated its 30th anniversary.

It still makes fascinating viewing, and you can watch it here. Talking Heads 2022

Talking Heads 2022 Reflecting on 30 years of Nicholas Mee
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