CURRENT STOCKLIST Every one of our carefully selected, pre-owned cars benefits from an Aston Martin dealer-approved multi-point check, completion of all necessary service work, full delivery preparation, 12 months MoT and a 12-month warranty prior to delivery to its new owner. Buying an Aston Martin from Nicholas Mee & Co is your assurance of owning a car prepared to the high standards associated with the Aston Martin brand.

Aston Martin Vantage N24

Aston Martin is renowned the world over for producing high-performance and super-luxurious passenger cars, many of which can comfortably compete on the race track. In some cases, the esteemed British marque designs cars built solely for that purpose.

Such an example is the Vantage N24, which is based on the V8 Vantage and created specifically for sports car racing. Indeed, the vehicle has competed at a very high level, most notably at the Nürburgring 24 Hours annual car and GT endurance racing event.

Here at Nicholas Mee, when we make a race car available for sale, we ensure that it’s road legal. So, while the appearance of any Aston Martin model is certain to attract admiring and even envious glances, the Vantage N24 is guaranteed to provoke numerous double takes.

Very few examples of this car exist, and even fewer are registered for the road – just four, we believe. Even by Aston Martin standards, a street-legal Vantage N24 is a very rare beast indeed.

If you have your eye on this exceptional automobile, why not take it for a spin by booking your test drive with us today?

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