​Nicholas Mee & Co at the Concours of Elegance - 2023​

Every year, exhibiting at this sublime event, we ask ourselves, how can it be possible to improve, what has become by far the best UK concours event? Somehow though, the team at Thorough Events manage it and this year, was better than ever.

Simply amazing world class collector cars shown, in the fabulous surroundings of Hampton Court, with knowledgeable commentaries and quality catering, all combine in producing a heady mixture for the car enthusiast to enjoy.

Click the Play Icon on the photograph to play a lovely, short video which we believe captures the spirit of the event, ever so well!

Nicholas Mee & Co at the Concours of Elegance, 2023

This short video, shot and edited for us by the hugely talented @friedbergsimon captures the spirit and atmosphere of the event.

The 2023 running of the Concours of Elegance, attracted over 15,000 international visitors during the three day event. The breadth and quality of the Concours entrants, from as far apart as the USA, Switzerland, the UK and mainland Europe countries, is mesmerising. Then there’s the 10 Le Mans 24 Hour race winners, 4 of which had won twice, simply jaw dropping, particularly when one considers they are there, on show and accessible to all visitors.

In addition, the weekend was complimented by several Owners Club organisations, complementing the event with owners cars on display, top end luxury brand exhibitors, other attractions and a wide variety of excellent catering options.

Whilst the quality of the exhibited motor cars could be considered priceless, what the organisers have so skilfully maintained, is the visitor accessibility at this event. After all, where else would one be ushered out of the way to allow a Le Mans winning GT40 pass by or for Prince Michael of Kent to ease his way through the admiring visitors, driving his Blower Bentley.

Refreshingly, this event remains open and welcoming to all, for a modestly priced entry ticket, a deliberate effort is made to encourage as wide a participation as possible, with separate classes celebrating amongst others, younger enthusiasts and the Ladies-only Levitt Concours, celebrating female car enthusiasts and collectors. All important, in preserving and growing the enthusiasm and interest in our world of classic and collectible motor cars.

This year’s triumphant 2023 edition awarded overall ‘Best in Show’ honours to a 1955 Maserati A6 GCS Frua Spider, an advanced and perfectly proportioned Barchetta, one of 15 cars entered and shipped from the USA, further confirming the Concours of Elegance’s position as the UK’s most prestigious Concours d’Elegance event and worthy of being considered within the top three concours events in the world. Once again, this year we proudly exhibited three world class collectible Aston Martins, two of which made their debut at the event and are now featured for sale, on our award winning website.

From the team at NM&Co, we have nothing but admiration to all involved in the organisation and delivery of this sublime event. The organisers, steering committee, the many enthusiasts and volunteers and all those, who make the event as magnificent as it is, deserve a round of applause.

We are now already looking forward to 2024 and will be watching with interest, to see how the organisers can possibly improve, on undoubtedly the best Concours of Elegance, held to date.

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