​Welcome to the latest issue of FullBore, our take on the classic Aston Martin world. After over 40 years of dealing in the brand, it’s fair to say I’ve been fortunate enough to see a few trends come and go. From the socialist years of the 1970s, the ‘80s Big Bang and market economy, the global recession of the early ‘90s, the banking crisis of the late noughties, and now, the delayed Brexit. Throughout all that long period of time one thing holds true, and it’s this. Classic cars have proved to be one of, if not the very best long-term investments. The pleasure time behind the wheel, driving spiritedly without being a social nuisance or excessively exceeding speed limits, being able to admire a multi-dimensional art form, and not least, to smell, feel and hear a classic. These are just some of the attractions of classic car ownership, not to mention the tax advantages on disposal. Well, here’s the good news. We’ve been experiencing significantly greater interest with instructions from buyers and sellers alike over the last 6 months – more than at any time since the uncertainty of Brexit kicked in. It would seem that many buyers and sellers, having been put off by the dreaded B word, have come to realise that life will go on afterward, and that for some, time is passing by too quickly...

​Bringing those 40+ years of experience with Aston Martins to bear, I sense that now is a shrewd time to engage in your passion for cars while prices are at a low point and financing costs are at an historic low. You heard it here first! Undoubtedly, one of the many reasons that classic cars remain so appealing is the abundance of opportunities to enjoy them. From classic gatherings on the local village green and low-key ‘cars and coffee’ events, right up to professionally organised world-class spectaculars such as the Concours of Elegance and Goodwood Revival. On any weekend throughout the summer months, the opportunities to get out and drive are endless, and we’re pleased to add to your diary congestion with our own forthcoming events, covered in more detail, with options to RSVP on pages 32 to 35. Apart from showcasing a superb selection of iconic and collectable cars all priced to reflect today’s market, in this issue we also have a profile of one of our favourite models, the V12 Vantage, plus a round-up of our recent activities, news of a new book offer and much more, all centered on the marque we enjoy so much! Happy hunting,


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